Ross Kemp on Gangs

Ross Kemp of Eastenders fame has been a likeable host on his BAFTA award winning documentary on gangs, there’s something about seeing a big hard man admitting to camera how scared he was feeling during the interview just screened. 

Kemp even looks very much like some of the thugs he visits around the world, particularly in last night’s Polish Skinheads ep.  Ross applies an on-the-fence approach when chatting to the gang members, and you get the feeling there was a lot of playing up (and paying up) to Kemp’s hard man looks in order to get the gangbangers to open their doors. 

In this Independent interview Ross says the gangs in Poland were probably the worst of all that he spent time with.

He denies that the series, which is now the subject of a brilliant new book, was setting out to “prove any point” or that he was “some sort of journalist” but, nevertheless, the programmes did graphically show the extent of macho subculture that exists in many societies. He tells me that the gangs in Poland were probably the worst, although he had a close call in Brazil as well.

If you missed it, you can see Ross Kemp on Gangs in Poland here on LiveLeak. takes the piss out of Ross in one of those Richie McCaw/Chuck Norris is so tough kinda ways.  Classic.


3 responses to “Ross Kemp on Gangs

  1. Saw on wikipedia that he filmed an ep in NZ about Maori gangs, does anyone know if this has/will be screened here?

  2. I know, I missed that ep too (if it ever showed here). I will investigate further by asking Uncle Google. Cheers anon.

  3. Really looking forward to his new series ross kemp: extreme world! do you think it will be as good as his series on gangs?

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