Steve McGill from One Tree Hill

If it’s funny local flava you’re into, then don’t miss today’s ep of Steve McGill from One Tree Hill

Steve is a farmhand on Auckland’s One Tree Hill, his misadventures with sheep, cows, teenage troublemakers, Asian tourists, skin cancer and joggers are posted every Monday on NZ YouTube.  

It’s not easy being a hayfeverish, urban farmhand, but at least Steve has a handle on technology:

Ahh yeah, I’m a big fan of the u-tube.  It allows me to check the ass of the sheep for flies, with the least discomfort to the animals.

The first few eps are already online, catch yourself up.  The comedy series is planned to run for twelve episodes.  Rumours of a spin-off about the day-to-day life of the cows on Mt Eden remain unconfirmed.


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