Dancing with the Stars 2008: Semi Final

With only three celebrities left in the running for Dancing with the Stars, I tuned in hoping to see tears, tantrums and tension.  Instead, there was a feeling of peace and love amongst the judges and the dancers – “friends forever” a-plenty.

Pic from TVNZ: Nice use of the word ‘mince’

  • Monty, Temepara and Miriama are equally talented, therefore the scoring was close throughout the evening.
  • I eerily agreed with all of Brendan Cole’s observations.  Isn’t it weird how bearable that man has become?
  • The Stage Manager was off sick, or someone moved the green room – the dancing couples never quite made it over to Candy in time for a smooth camera shot.
  • There were some screechy screamers in the audience, blimmin annoying, I would’ve thought TVNZ would have some control over who sits near the microphone.  Remove that screeching woman before recording, duh.
  • The junior ballroom dancers were fabulous.  So cute and clever with their feet, even if it did get uncomfortable watching a 13 year old boy shimmy his groin into the backside of a 12 year old girl.

  • Bella somebody sang a great cover of Donna Summer’s ‘Last Dance’.
  • Stefano’s smile took on a manic glued expression, Lita’s Ma so hates that man.  Temepara has missed out on votes because of it.  He totally creeps me out.
  • Alison’s earrings spent the entire evening desperately trying to communicate with her over-sized necklace.  I think they were saying “save me, please, save me”- of course to the untrained ear, it just sounded like “ding, dang, dong”.
  • Monty and Nerida’s Paso Doble brought a tear to my eye, for a flashing moment I remembered Norm Hewitt’s fantastic, moving Paso and some of the shine from Monty’s performance was lost.  Clever move getting the band to play ‘Bolero’, who doesn’t feel a tear in the eye when they hear that? 
  • Miriama’s ugly tassled pantsuit made her ass look huge, her costume helped to show off her high kicks, but her ass looked giant.  And it isn’t.  Someone in the costume dept must’ve had a row with Miriama, as the dress she wore for the second dance (foxtrot) was also extremely unflattering.
  • Monty’s revolting lace up, see-thru, frilly top for the Paso also appeared to be the result of a loose insult thrown in the direction of the costume dept.  Petty costume people.

By the end of the show, I was feeling the tension as Jase wound us up down to the final results;  I’m such a big fat soft touch, I loved ’em all! 

After some debate with the cat, I decided I would be least distraught if Temepara left, but only because Stefano’s teeth bothered me so. Alas, it was not to be, and the gorgeous Miriama Smith and hot stuff Jonny Williams were eliminated.   

Miriama gave a gracious speech – she is such an eloquent speaker, I expect to see her face on our screens again soon.

Click here to read a more detailed recap from Miss Prozac and click here to see a vid from TVNZ.


One response to “Dancing with the Stars 2008: Semi Final

  1. lockedgroove

    stefano’s teethy smile and shaved chest freaks me out – to many shiny bits

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