Drop the Fat Freddy for Daylight Savings

“Is it on?  Is it still happening?”   Ok folks, calm yourselves, Lita has the low-down.

The fabulous and incomparable Fat Freddys Drop are playing free at Grey Lynn Park, A-land, for the Red Bull Daylight Savings event.  How Red Bull (and Telecom) negotiated sponsorship of daylight savings with Mother Nature, I can only imagine.  However, somehow it happened, and the gig is so on.


With the turn-back-your-clocks date pushed out to Sunday 6 April, there’s loads more Daylight Savings to go round this year! So get down to Grey Lynn Park and make the most of one of the longest, hottest kiwi summers on record…

Fat Freddys Drop have been in studio lock-down recording the follow-up album to their record-breaking, hi-tech soul monster, Based On A True Story. Stage time is part of the process of evolving their songs (live jams are where the magic is at), so don’t forego this unique chance to check out Freddy’s future hits for the FIRST TIME.

A FREE and safe fun-packed family day, Daylight Savings offers recreation and refreshments for music-lovers of all ages. Enjoy a relaxing massage and get an exclusive advance listen to the new Fat Freddys’ single in the Telecom Recharge Zone. And adults will love the Corona Rising Sun Outdoor Bar. Please do not bring dogs to Red Bull Daylight Savings.

See you there – Lita will be the one dancing on the hot faded pink blanket.


7 responses to “Drop the Fat Freddy for Daylight Savings

  1. Well done …sooooo looking forward to Fat Freddy live….I love your top tip on this event…..

  2. See you there!

  3. I hope your getting lots of dosh for advertising Telecom events 😉

  4. I wish doshydosh, oh how I wish.

  5. Lil_miz_cheeky

    aaaannnddd REDBULL 🙂

  6. Lil_miz_cheeky

    So is there a Plan B if the weather turns to sh*t

  7. lockedgroove

    i dont think they have a rain delay – its all or nothing

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