Good Morning: hypnotic viewing

TV1’s Good Morning show celebrated April Fool’s Day today with naughty hypnotist Peter Powers and Lita was lucky enough to catch it.  You can see some footage here.  There were some golden hypnotic moments:

  • Sarah Bradley frotting and flirting with French chef Laurent Loudeac, who didn’t know where to look when she started to slowly stroke the phallic shaped butter log, mumbling how hard it was.  At one point Laurent suffered both Brendon Pongia and Sarah draping themselves over him, with Sarah rubbing her backside into his groin, all while giving the camera a cheeky, serene grin.
  • Steven Gray turning into athlete of the year, screaming at Sarah to jump up and join in the bootcamp exercise session.  Anyone who normally watches will know Steven is a reluctant participant in the bootcamp bit, and neither physically fit nor particularly coordinated.  Under hypnosis Gray is a totally different fish!  He must’ve done 20 push-ups with little effort, and was able to hit all the steps he normally misses.  It was hilarious, there were tears rolling down Lita’s face, and the bestest bit … tomorrow, that boy’s muscles are gonna be so mysteriously sore.  Lita’s Mother now thinks hypnosis to be a most clever way to exercise and is currently leafing through le phone book.  
  • Continuing the role reversal, Steven tried to encourage a lethargic Brendon to get up and join in bootcamp, when Brendon said he couldn’t as he was too tired and sore, Steve exclaimed “But Brendon, you’re the Ponginator!” 
  • Sarah’s entire upper body collapsing every time she went under, at one point Powers had to hypnotise her just to remain upright.
  • Various D-listers and audience members performing ballet dances, basketball hoops, the riverdance and throwing pie in their own face.  Suzanne Paul even managed to get in a couple of free ‘Natural Glow’ placements, quelle surprise. 
  • Pretty interviewee Renee Wright looked the least interested in ruffled by the crazy shenanigans, even when Steven instructed Sarah to “take a breath and just smash Renee in the face.”

Talk about quality morning telly programming.  Why don’t they do this everyday?


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