Dancing with the Stars: Ep5 – The night skimpy came to town

I missed most of tonight’s show, but was unfortunate enough to flick the clicky thing a couple of times and catch the following:

  • Monty Betham wearing lipgloss (well).
  • Brendan Cole over-performing in his guest dance with Candy Lane.  Yes, yes, ok he can definitely shift those paddles he calls feet, but so blimmin what?  All that face he gives the camera just makes me cringe.  Lita’s cat spent the entire thing paws covering eyes, mewing a low, pained moan.  Lita squealed with discomfort, paralysed, unable to reach the damn clicky thing.  Debate later ensued as to what Brendan uses to create the bulge in his too-tight dancey pants.  Lita’s cat says the splitting of ‘the boys’ just doesn’t look right.
  • Tonight’s performance was brought to you by the letter ‘Cad’ and the number ‘bury’.
  • Miriama Smith’s hot, long body in a shimmery handkerchief.  Wouldn’t she be great reading the news naked?
  • Jason Gunn looking totally cute and hobbit child-like flouncing with the tulle skirts of the female dancers.
  • Jonny Williams leaning in to give Miriama a celebratory pash after they scored two 10’s.  I swear, you could see him hold himself back.  Tell me that wasn’t just my own private fantasy.  Those two are such a cute couple.
  • Alison Leonard wearing a (comparatively) small and dainty necklace.
  • Stunning Tina Cross was eliminated, despite scoring higher than Cory Hutchings.  Damn us kiwis and our fawning of le sports folk.

2 responses to “Dancing with the Stars: Ep5 – The night skimpy came to town

  1. ah yes a bit of an upset. Didnt see that coming at all (the demise of Tina Cross I mean). Cory has the cute boy next door thing happening. The little old, and not so old, ladies of Wainuiomata will be voting for him in droves. Big ups to Miriama for filling the seductress spot vacated by our beloved Haley.
    Could her dress have been hotter?? I think not.

  2. Correctamundo Shaun – that dress was waaay hot, and I forgot all about Hayley (for a few mins).

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