Any Whaka will do

Surely someone will complain about this billboard seen in Parnell, Auckland?  

Rent-a-car so you can visit any Whaka.

Not Lita, who place-drops Whakapapa in most conversations, especially when chatting to le foreigners. 

For those reading from far away and over the seas: 

Whaka (pronounced ‘fha-ka’) is a common prefix to the Maori name of many New Zealand towns, rivers and mountains. 

Visit this rad site and click on places to hear the correct pronunciation, although there aren’t nearly enough Whakas represented.


3 responses to “Any Whaka will do

  1. I don’t get what the big deal is – personally I found the board witty, and whaking hilarious!

  2. Fucking awesome oja

  3. It was an awesome marketing campaign! Stupid PC twats wouldn’t know something funny if it jumped up and bit them in the ass.

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