Aquatic Towing

So, a guy drives his little white car over the edge of the wharf.  That’s him standing on the car, in the water.


No prob, the towie will get it out, it’s all under control.


 Uhoh.  Looks like the tow truck wasn’t up to the job.


Not a worry.  Now they bring in the big guns.  The big green truck makes light work of the little white car.


But, the very worst scenario happens when it comes to getting the tow truck out.


The mighty ocean once again shows its dominating strength and power.  The insurance company needed the photos to believe the fishy tale.


3 responses to “Aquatic Towing

  1. Thrash Cardiom

    That last photo is a fake. Look at it closely.

  2. I’ve been staring and staring at the last pic Thrash, and I can’t see what makes it fake, although I can imagine how easy it is to do in photoshop. What gives it away as fake?

  3. Thrash Cardiom

    dimensions seem wrong. blurring around the wheels and on the wharf. No real water movement

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