44th Wedding Anniversary Blues

What a rip-off! 

While checking le interweb for clues for a wedding anniversary gift for Ma and Pa Lita*, I discovered that folk who have been wed for 44 years get a pretty raw deal.  


Groceries?!  Aloha. 

Oh, what a dreary anniversary 44 years is; in between all those jewels and art, land and travel you get to celebrate with a loaf of bread and a pint of milk.  Ahhh, lurve.

* Ma and Pa Lita have not been married 44 years, they (and Lita) are waaaay too young for that.


4 responses to “44th Wedding Anniversary Blues

  1. what are conveyances??

  2. Maybe after 44 years. there’s an apetite. Or something. I’d settle for a case of brewskis, but that’s just me. Heh.

  3. Ok, so lets get this straight. We don’t want to stay married till 32 years cos we don’t know what conveyances are, and if we happen to forget and stay married longer, we def get out at 44 years. Ok. Sorted.

    Phew, tis such a relief to be single and unmarraigable.

  4. Agree.

    Mmm perhaps after years of 41,42,and 43….. the bank balance becomes negative that a bag of groceries is a god send.

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