Support the Auckland Harbour Bridge cycle and walking lane

The Auckland Harbour Bridge clip-ons are finally getting an upgrade, the first since they were added to the bridge in 1969.   Sign up your support for bicycle and foot access over Auckland Harbour Bridge at GetAcross.


If you’ve always wanted to ride your bike, walk or run across the Auckland Harbour Bridge, right now is the perfect time to make it happen.

The outer lanes of the bridge (the clipons) are about to get a major upgrade, making it the perfect time to add cycle and walking lanes too. If we miss this opportunity, we might never get another chance to get across.

So take a look around, tell us what you think and tell your friends about

This is so long overdue.  A cycle/walkway would be great for tourism, as well as providing an ecologically sound option for improving Auckland’s traffic congestion. 

It’s more than a teensy bit embarrassing that we haven’t sorted this earlier.  Who the hell builds a bridge that only allows cars across, anyway?  The whole thang is so very blimmin Auckland.


2 responses to “Support the Auckland Harbour Bridge cycle and walking lane

  1. lockedgroove

    about time aye.
    and finaly they may have found something to name after sir ed.

  2. yer straight up itll be mint as

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