If you get in quick, you can enter the Greenpeace Photography competition and win a berth on the Rainbow Warrior for an overnight passage in coastal waters.  The competition ends on the 15th March.  There are loads of great entries already.


Another fabulous and local photog is a little person close to Lita.  Check out the talented Shuttinz‘s work on Redbubble.

I’m buying this card and giving it to all the cucumbers I’ve ever loved before.


2 responses to “Picturesque

  1. Lil_miz_Cheeky

    Awwww so cuteeeeee 🙂

    BTW, shuttinz said “thanks heaps!”

  2. What have I been doing, missing out on looking at Shuttinz’s work until now. Was waiting to see it, but must have “over looked it” sorry! Gr8 btw

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