Foreign cartoon about hands & Music nerds do karaoke

Those cool dudes at Channel Frederator have a whole collection of funky cartoons on YouTube.  They are hilarious, and somehow, spookily, touch on all the issues I face in my life.  

If, in next week’s Meth Minute vid, I see a cartoon of a screaming, dry retching blonde retrieving her toothbrush from where it fell in the loo, I will know they have cameras on me. 

This week it’s karaoke night at the local bar, and Vic and Cougar (the music nerds) just can’t agree on what song to duet on. 

This one is a foreign cartoon about hands.   


This Meth Minute 39 cartoon is a weird short film we dug up from the dusty archives of a little-known Eastern European nation. Although we can’t understand the language these Hand-dudes are speaking, we can certainly understand their feelings. Looks like moving giant coffee mugs around has always been a pain in the ass.


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