Jo Guest has mystery illness

Anyone who spent time in the UK in the 1990s will know Jo Guest


Jo was a favourite men’s mag pin-up girl, a hot blonde with a stunning body.  A successful Page 3 pin-up, glamour model (hard and softcore – turn ‘safe search filtering’ off in Uncle Google, then search to see all of Jo) and some time telly presenter, Jo’s breathy voice and innocent demeaner made her interesting and funny.  For nearly a decade she was top of her game, even appearing in a Playboy video

Unfortunately,  Jo now suffers from an undiagnosed illness that stops her from working.  And wowee, how Jo’s looks and confidence have changed. 

Ok, I get that she isn’t feeling too well, and that her bloated puku stops her from wearing tight-fitting clothes, but was that purple woollen monstronsity really necessary?  

Poor ole Jo Guest, she was the stuff of fantasy for many, for so long.  I reckon there were a fair few 30-something males that caught Jo’s appearance on This Morning that experienced droopage and later, solemn reminicising about the past.


6 responses to “Jo Guest has mystery illness

  1. Awww she was so yummy… poor girl!


  2. I know Blair. Tis a shame. She sounds so down, totally different.


  4. Her “illness” is easily diagnosed.

    It’s called “middle age”

    She’s getting older just like the rest of us.

  5. I know how she feels as I too suffer an undiagnosed illness

  6. I’d still do her

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