Soko: I will never love you more

One to watch is French singer and actress, Soko.

She’s cute, foreign, naughty, quirky, swears like a sailor and plays the ukelele.  I want to be her new best friend.

Check out Soko’s tres popular myspace page to hear all of her songs.  She hasn’t brought out an album yet, in fact, Soko is still unsigned, but has managed to get plenty of radio play in Europe and Australia, and has already played sold out gigs in Denmark.

This dodgy YouTube recording is a snippet of Lita’s fave Soko song, ‘I will never love you more’.

If you want to read more on Soko, the TimesOnline has a short but interesting article here.

Lita’s fave Soko lyrics 

From ‘I will never love you more’:   I will never love you more than my boyfriend when I was 14. Even though he’s now an asshole.

From ‘I’ll kill her’:  She’ll dump your ass for a model called Brendan.

From ‘I think I’m pregnant’:  But I haven’t had sex with anyone in months except for my hand.


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