Dancing with the Stars: Ep2 – Hayley Holt’s haircut rocks

It’s another ep of Dancing with the Stars, where all of our questions from the past week may just be answered.
  • Will this be the week that judge Alison Leonard doesn’t wear a necklace the size of a small hauraki gulf island?
  • Will Jason Gunn still look like an extra from Lord of the Rings?
  • Will the score calculator work quickly enough for Candy Lane?
  • How many (more) celebs have had (more) botox since seeing themselves on telly last week?
Ok, so that’s a no, yes, mostly, 5.
Now I just need someone to confirm that these celebs are only looking so skinny due to the DwtS diet, not the P diet. Has anyone else noticed how skinny they all are? Even Brian. (Everyone, that is, except the jolly judges. Been a while since some of them had a dance.  Know what I mean? Say no more.)
To read the rest of my post on this weeks DwtS, go here.  Kapai.

2 responses to “Dancing with the Stars: Ep2 – Hayley Holt’s haircut rocks

  1. Thanks for your in depth analysis of the DTWS program from last night Lita. I missed it because I was at work. I think its great that you like Marty Devlin. He has been way better than many ppl thought he would be. I will be gutted if Peter and Hayley are gone soon. Hopefully he will be able to get some knee injury advice from Richie McCaw.
    ps If Lita’s hair is like Hayley’s it must be very hot indeed!!!

  2. It so sucks when work gets in the way of watching telly. Good point about knee advice from Richie – if PU is still limping next week I may steal that Shaun. Oh, and how hot am I? My hair is very very similar to HH’s. I’m thinking of renting myself out as her double. Ahem.

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