Family Guy Spin-off

Surely dry, demented, meglomaniac Stewie should get a spin-off? 

Or what about Quagmire, I think the world is ready for an adult X-rated cartoon spin-off.  Just imagine it, oh yes, giggity, giggity, giggity.


It looks like Cleveland will be the surprise break-away star from Family Guy.  I dunno if I can handle his slow speech the whole way through an ep.

Amazingly enough, you can check out Quagmire’s MySpace page here.  It’s interesting to see that Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons is one of Quagmire’s MySpace friends.  Oh, what a virtual world of fun Lita misses out on by continuing to ignore her MySpace account.  And, does everyone have their own wiki these days?


2 responses to “Family Guy Spin-off

  1. Deep probing question for you Lita: If Quagmire was a real man and not a cartoon, would you shag him? ;o)

  2. Precocious but pertinent question Piglet. No, I would only go there while he was in cartoon format. Nowt beats animated characterisations. Anyway, I reckon if Quagmire was a real man, he would be in prison or dead by now.

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