Creme Egg Goo

These cute vids have been made by Cadbury to advertise the fact they are “here today, goo tomorrow” – who doesn’t lurve creme eggs.

Go visit the online Goo-ology Research Centre, who are dedicated to helping creme eggs fulfil their delicious, runny, sticky, gooey destiny.  At Goo-ology you can play goo games and read creme egg goo fantasies, some are posted below. 


A Cadbury Creme Egg walks topples a line of books, domino rally-style, and times it so he can throw himself under the last – heavy – book. Splat!


A Cadbury Creme Egg toddles onto screen. Next to him is a hairdryer.

He turns the hairdryer on full and stands in the hot blast.

The rush of air blows his foil clothes off and he begins to melt. Eventually his chocolate shell gives way and he’s just a blob of molten goo. Excellent.


In the middle of a limbo set, a hammer stands upright.

A Cadbury Creme Egg walks onto screen and nudges the hammer so it sways and begins to topple.

The Egg manoeuvres itself around the set until it finds the spot where the hammer’s head will fall.

When it finds the ideal spot, it giggles with excitement as the hammer caves its head in.


A Cadbury Creme Egg walks onto screen and props open an egg slicer with a match.

He shuffles back to a position behind the slicer, he then runs at the open wire cutters. He jumps up into the wires and is sliced perfectly like a real salad egg.

The gooey slices fall into the egg-shaped indent of the slicer.

Bin Lid

A Creme Egg sits on top of a pedal bin lid.

In front of the Egg is a heavy weight, such as a can of food.

The Egg takes its foil clothes off, then rolls the weight over the side of the lid.

After a second or so, the bin lid flips up, splattering the Egg against the wall behind. Lovely.


2 responses to “Creme Egg Goo

  1. mmmmm……

    creeemmmeee eeegggssss


  2. Ooooooooo, my only “vice”, well one of them at least. Being brought up in the U.K, we ate them for breakfast, dinner, and tea. None of this silly p.c. “healthy food chain” muck for us Scots!. Yummeeeeeeeeee. My mouth’s “watering” just at the thought of them.

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