How nerdy are you?

You are most like:


We’re going to pretend you’re ‘normal’ this time around. You have a brain and use it, but nerd things just don’t interest you…or you can’t be bothered to try and understand.
Take this quiz: How Nerdy Are You?

Lita is competitive enough to be disappointed by this score.  Damn nerds and their stupid cliques. 


2 responses to “How nerdy are you?

  1. apparently my cranial ability differential has a strong left bias which makes me a real purist nerd and will likely land me a great job or at least help me take over the world in less time than i had originally predicted..

    great, global domination it is, and itll be done in time for a nice sit and a cup of tea.

    its that first question that clinches the result

  2. Oo – world domination before tea break, sounds like a doddle LG.

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