She seems Familia

Is this ad for real?

Some guy appears to be selling his old car on TradeMe by pimping the girlyfriend in a bikini going through all the draping motions. 

This pic had the best drapey action, believe it or not, there were 5 pics to choose from

Endre takes care to note “sorry my girlfriend is not part of the deal” just in case you were thinking that TradeMe had suddenly opened up its auction site to slavery and prostitution. 

An update to the auction entry advises that the car was actually stolen on the 11th of Feb, but Endre hopes the Police will recover it and he can still sell. 

I’m not condoning thievery of any sort, however, if I was to have stolen Endre’s Mazda Familia I don’t think I would be able to resist a mock attempt on the bikini-girl-drapey-car photo.  In fact, if Lita was a ballsy thief, the car with mock pic would already be up for sale on SellMeForFree.


5 responses to “She seems Familia

  1. oh – the auction has gone. So thank-you for preserving this bit of Mazda drapery for all to see and admire.

  2. does that sticker on the boat say ho?

  3. boot boat – you know what i ment

  4. Double damn, I keep meaning to take screen copies with TradeMe, they are tres quick at culling the rubbish. What a shame though, there were some awesomely revolting pics with amazingly poorly worded text. Pure Gold. Ahem, Silver. Ok, ok, bronzing lotion.

  5. now that there just doesn’t look right.
    especially with a car like that.
    how much did the car sell for?

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