Lost again

If you can face it, and Lita knows many who just can’t, Lost returns to our screens this week.

For those who can’t bear to sit through the remaining 48 episodes left before the secrets of the island and the survivors of Oceanic 815 are finally unravelled, you can read up on the episode recaps on Lostpedia.  


The first ep of series four screened in the U.S. on the 31st January, so we will only be 2 weeks behind when it screens here on Wednesday 13th February.   Loads of time for sneak peeks before the ep hits our shores.

Click here to find out the nickname Sawyer would dub you if you were lucky enough to be trapped on an island with him.  Lita’s nickname is Cotton.  That cheeky devil Sawyer. He can call me whatever he wants, I will always answer.


2 responses to “Lost again

  1. Hmmph…….mine is Chairman Mao.
    Next time I will lie.

  2. Ahem, I refuse to reveal how many lies, I mean tries I had to go through to get a half cutesy name. (Ahem, 4 tries, shhh).

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