And the winner is … Flight of the Conchords

YAY!!!  Grammy winning, hot, geeky, funny boys.  Perfick mix.

Flight of the Conchords rock my world, in a good way.

Bret and Jemaine are in N to the Z at present, so were unable to appear in person at the 50th Grammy Awards, which is a real shame, cos they won.  They would so be brilliant, comedic award collectors, with amusing acceptance speeches and far out fashion – of this Lita is sure.  I think it’s safe to say there will be more Grammys and glory for FotC, therefore more future award acceptance moments to hang out for. 

The Grammys are being screened on C4 at 8pm tonight.

This is the apparently the first Grammy won by kiwis in 24 years, the last winner being Dame Kiri.  So, there you have it, our opera and folksongs are doing amazingly internationally.  Ahem. 24 years! Ahem. Yay us.

Check out this fabulous recent (Feb 10th) interview with FotC in the Guardian.

What are their long-term plans?

‘Survival!’ says Clement.

‘I would like to parody acid jazz and new jack swing,’ says McKenzie.

‘I would like to wear as much denim as the costume designer will let me get away with,’ says Clement.

What about their celebrity, I ask. Where would they like that to go?

‘Away!’ says McKenzie.

‘Good answer,’ says Clement.

There are, they grudgingly concede, pluses to the fame.

‘We got free shoes,’ says McKenzie.

They were also named Wellingtonians of the Year.

Congratulations, I say.

‘Thank you,’ says Clement; and then, with pseudo-smugness: ‘Peter Jackson has won it.’

‘I know the mayor,’ says McKenzie.

‘And you went to that party,’ says Clement. ‘When David Beckham came to Wellington.’

‘True,’ says McKenzie. ‘But I didn’t get in.’


One response to “And the winner is … Flight of the Conchords

  1. “the next great archetype in male sexiness”

    haha. thats funny

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