Millie Holmes aka Millie Elder aka Millie the Minx

Only recently I read Don Murray’s site, where he predicted some further troubling times ahead for telly relic Paul Holmes’ daughter Millie and today I see that Milligram is back in jail.


Maybe some more of Don’s predictions and stories about the Holmes whanau are true.  I can’t understand why the mainstream media hasn’t run with the most salacious of Don’s goss:

… my favourite Holmes story, as told by veteran disc jockey Kevin Black at the gymnasium last autumn.

Blackie bumped into his old adversary Holmesie in the Victoria Ave Lotto shop one Saturday afternoon and they decided to bury the hatchet and settle their differences over a drink at P Holmes’ place not far away in Remuera.

While chain smoking and ploughing through the wine, Holmesie mentioned to Blackie that he had ” some stuff arriving shortly.”

As Blackie was being collected by his missus, a white Mercedes with tinted windows screeched to a halt in Mahoe Ave. Holmesie was seen to sprint from his house to jump into the backseat of the white Merc.

Was that the ” stuff ” being delivered ?

Two months later Holmesie evicted stepdaughter Millie after she’d stolen Paul’s Cartier watch to buy some product.

Millie then went to live with a dude who owned a white Mercedes with tinted windows.

What a coincidence.


2 responses to “Millie Holmes aka Millie Elder aka Millie the Minx

  1. Well. Not the usual astrologer mumbo-jumbo. Hilarious.

  2. Isn’t it just Mrs S. Tres interesting, amongst all the plutos in uranus hoo ha. Don seems to have a mix of insider knowledge and clever planetary alignment going for him. I want Blackie to open up to me about all his whacky stories.

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