Penetrating Wagner’s Ring

What do you reckon … was the author of this book having a laugh right from the start?


The ‘most helpful customer reviews’ on Amazon are a total hoot.  Prepare to laugh hard and loud.

As implied by the title, this collection probes deeply into Wagner’s vast Ring piece. Accusations of anti-semitism make Wagner’s Ring a sensitive area today, but it continues to offer pleasure to many. This is a masterful work of musical scholarship that deserves a place on any sturdy shelf. No doubt it will influence appreciation of Wagner’s Ring for many years to come. Among the highlights is the revealing chapter on the many characters than Wagner has managed to cram into his Ring. Also covered are the brass instruments that Wagner designed specifically for use within the Ring.

There will always be those who are opposed to musical analysis (just the same as there will always be those who resort to juvenile humour, regarding the title). They will say that Wagner’s Ring is ‘violated’ with excessive force of scholarship. For this reviewer, however, Wagner’s Ring remains quite intact and is indeed tightened by the exploration. In short, this stimulating venture in and out of Wagner’s Ring has resulted in a seminal, fluid output.


3 responses to “Penetrating Wagner’s Ring

  1. Outstanding pisstake.

  2. No I don’t think this author was “having a laugh”
    but I do think the folk who took the pictures in the article “Say cheese” was!. Don’t be fooled by it. It’s just a “slice” short of being pornographic!.

  3. Mum, please stop referring to porn every 5 minutes. Jeesh.

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