Stand Up against whaling

This gig looks the shiznuts … Lita hopes to attend and help save le whales.


New Zealand’s only Japanese stand-up comedian, Hiroshi Nakatsuji, has teamed up with fellow comedians and Greenpeace to put on a protest comedy show. It would be great if you could come along, have a laugh and support the whales.

The Lucky Golden Whales event will take place at The Classic, in Auckland, on January 29. It will be MC’d by seasoned international comedian Mark Scott, and the line up includes Simon McKinney (Best Comedian of the Year 2007), Mike Loder (Billy T Award winner 2000), Cori Gonzalez-Macuer (Billy T Award winner 2006) and world championship winning Improv Bandits.

When Hiroshi put the email out to other comedians asking for involvement, the support was so overwhelming that in the end only a small percentage of respondents could be used in the show. The comedians are working for free and director Scott Blanks has donated the Classic for the event. All proceeds will go to Greenpeace.

“What I hope this event demonstrates is that the whaling issue is not just for NGO’s and governments, but for literally everybody, even comedians! It would be great to see people in other industries – say librarians or builders – expressing their concerns in their own unique ways too.”

An hilarious comedy night featuring some of New Zealand’s funniest comedians in support of the anti-whaling movement.
Where: Classic Comedy & Bar, 321 Queen Street
When: 29 Jan 2008
Start Time: 8pm
Donation: $25
Bookings: (09) 3734321

Make sure you book as only 120 seats available.


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