Why diets don’t work

New Year resolutions are so very LY.* 

Lots of folk make big ole lists at this time of year and going on a diet is usually at the top of ’em. 

BOTS reader and life coach extraordinaire Talia Mana is offering a free telephone seminar, Sunday 26th January (NZ time) on why diets don’t work in order to help you change your thoughts and have a healthier relationship with food.

The seminar is free, but there is a toll call cost – those with long distance calling plans can listen for less than $5.

  • Find out why most people can’t lose weight and keep it off
  • Learn how your beliefs affect your eating
  • Find out the difference between mindless eating, emotional eating and compulsive overeating
  • Find out why you should throw away the scales and stop counting
  • Learn why diets don’t work!

* LY = Last year


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