Sir Ed lives on in our wallets

This creative effort by Trillion is an amusing tribute to the legend that is Sir Edmund Hillary.

Click after the jump to see the lyrics.

Humble Mountain Man by Trillion
– song lyrics –
(written and recorded on sat 12th Jan 2008)

You may be gone but you live on in my wallet
you’ll never be forgotten in the bottom of my pocket
you’ve taught us by example – translated back to our inner fibre
and you leave behind a wealth greater than that within a fiver.

He was our superman with a heart of gold
when he was cast they blew apart the mold
a modest champion – who’d walk the extra mile
and never forget to smile
A practical chap – he was quite unique
in ’53 he climbed the worlds highest peak
others who tried came to early fates
so Ed and Tensing, left behind their burly mates
they almost made it to the pearly gates
and told the gate keeper — see you at a further date
He gave half a toss, and knocked the bastard off,
with mask and parka off and a nasty cough
then blasted off in the Antarctic frost
in a tractor made tough enough to last across
It’s not the mountains that we conquer but ourselves he said,
And now he’s dead.
So cheers to Ed, and raise our beers to Ed
and all the summits we’ll be climbing in the years ahead

The legend of Sir Edmund Percival Hillary
is pulsing through our heads circuits of capillaries
He climbed mountain tops just for the hell of it
an ordinary man — with no need for embellishment
With pack on back he inched up a tight crack
A few precise whacks of his ice axe
and he was on top of the world looking down over creation
even queeny lizard breath rose to the occasion
why can’t we all win — we either tackle or run
we’re taught – the battle is won when we’re packing a gun
it can never be done through military power
the battle’s only won in humilities hour
challenging ourselves beyond the daily grind
is the only way the darkness ever stays behind
i won’t tire or stop ’til my eyelids drop
keep on striving ’til I rise to the top
tomorrow all my plans may crumble
but I’ll still show respect and stay humble
we could wipe away the tears and turn away
or listen to the lesson we can learn today
Our knight baffled belief when he wrestled the beast
now his vessel has ceased, and we’re bereft in the grief
from north to south, west and east
may our humble mountain man Ever-rest in peace


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