Cushiony pink bits

This piece of furniture gets feminists all hot and pervy men even hotter.

I heart Craigslist.


Pink Upholstered Vagina Couch

Date: 2008-01-15, 11:46AM PSTFor Sale – beautiful pink “vagina couch” that I made in art school and no longer have space for. The couch is large: measures 5′ 3″ long, 3′ 3″ wide at the middle, and stands 2′ 3″ tall (and is heavy like a couch). The pics are from my portfolio and are several years old; as a result, the couch has some scuffmarks and stains around the bottom from being moved, but otherwise is in excellent shape. A professional upholsterer helped me build the couch, so it is also functional and durable as a piece of furniture. The couch must be picked up in Mendocino, a 3-hour drive north of SF. I am asking for $600 and a loving home! Call Willow at [deleted] or reply to posting.


2 responses to “Cushiony pink bits

  1. LOL The couch would make a great talking point with guests, but not something the in-laws should see

  2. Mmmmm I want one! :oP

    The couch would be nice too…

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