Sideswipe goes to the beach

A faithful, fruity BOTS reader has sent an email pointing out that some columnists in N to the Z’s highest circulated newspaper appear to be enjoying an extended Christmas break.

Sideswipe is on holiday.

You would think that they could find someone to click the ‘post’ button for 7 days?? Isn’t this the country’s top paper???

Even lazy Lita has managed to drag her ass back in to whip the poor wee foreign boy she pays in sexual favours pesos to click the BOTS ‘post’ button. 

It does seem strange that in this here techynical age The Herald hasn’t set up auto posting or arranged for a minion to push le ‘post’ button, maybe Ms Samways has negotiated a fabuloso contract where only she can byline Sideswipe.   I so want to be her understudy.

Thanks for the email Bananna. 

If you want to email Lita, hurry the hell up and do it,


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