Nothing says “I love you” like my mate Marmite

If you want to get in early on your Valentine’s Day treat for that special someone in your life, I’ve got the perfect romantic unique gift for you.  But, you had better check whether your signif other likes Marmite and Champagne.  Lita can only stomach one of those ingredients.


MetroUK reports:

The savoury spread contains 0.3% champagne along with its usual ingredients of yeast and vegetable extracts plus salt.

Just 600,000 limited edition jars of the ‘Lovers’ Marmite’ are going on sale ahead of Valentine’s Day.

It has initially gone on sale at Selfridges stores for £3.99 and will launch more widely from January 21.

Selfridges also commissioned jewellery designer Theo Fennel to create just 50 pots of Lovers’ Marmite with a sterling silver engraved lid priced at £145.


One response to “Nothing says “I love you” like my mate Marmite

  1. Cute but peculiar. Thank goodness not Vegemite – pooh! Marmite rocks da house.

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