Letter to the King of Auckland

A letter from Lita on behalf of all tourists visiting Auckland and A-landers who were foolish enough to spend their Christmas break in the City of Sails. 

 – – – –

Dear A-land King,

I understand that the nice people who serve me kai and vodka need time off for holidays over the festive season.  I understand that some peop just want to relax and unwind, close up shop and disappear to the beach for a few weeks.  I know some folk even celebrate this time of year as an important religious event; while others use it as a time to drink and eat ridiculous amounts, then lament, then plan diet and exercise and dump their crappy partners all because the calendar changes to January.  I am well-acquainted with the beauty and craziness that is Christmas and New Year.

If, however, one was to choose to enjoy the holiday break in New Zealand’s largest city, where do you propose we go to eat and drink? 

As the only time of year where there is no need to calculate traffic delays, wait on taxi cabs or mentally list affordable available car park facilities, it is astounding the actual number of things you cannot do in this city when you can get to them easily and quickly. 

Tourists to A-land must think they have landed in Zzz-land.  Lights are out, noone is home, please don’t steal the new coffee maker I got from Santa.  

I have no expectations for Christmas, Boxing or New Years Day, but to see Auckland still closed for the summer come the 5th of January is more than disappointing.  Tis fine if you want to watch tennis, eat at Dennys, play spot-the-roadworkers-working or shop at a Westfield Mall … need I say more? Sort it out, or my international buds and I are spending our $ anywhere but Aucks for Xmas ’08.

– – – – 

Dear Prego,

Thank you for staying open throughout le festive season.  Lita hearts your surf’n’turf guts.  I hope you made a ton of $$$ and your competition and other entertainment venues are encouraged to give it a go in ’08 too.


2 responses to “Letter to the King of Auckland

  1. Agreed. It’s nice to have the traffic quiet enough that one can get parking wherever one wants, but of course, wherever one wants is closed, so it’s all a bloody waste of time.

  2. prego rules

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