Lovejuice delivered to the door

As far as Lita is concerned, vegetables and love in no way go together.  But, this stuff is marketed just right for me. 


Name anything using innuendo and double entendre and Lita tries it.  Generation seXy; we just can’t help it.

If you sign up, Lovejuice selects fresh premium grade vegetables and juices them using their unique slow juicer (slow juicing is tres unique, dontcha know) and early every weekday morning they deliver two 250ml bottles to your doorstep, that is, if you are unfortunate enough to live in some of the more prestigious parts of A-land.

That’s the goodness of up to ten serves of vegetables every day your body is sure to love.

Um, yeah.  Who knows what the body loves, but the mind adores the idea of someone delivering little bottles of lovejuice to the door every morning.  Who knew this kind of thang was legal?


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