What’s your dating flaw?

Click here to find out your dating flaw.

Lita apparently needs to work on her body language and stop catapulting herself across the room seeking attention. 

Ahh, that’s what I’m doing wrong.  Stop the catapulting.  Noted.


5 responses to “What’s your dating flaw?

  1. Apparently Miss Prozac has an attitude problem and way too much sarcasm. Did you tell them that Lita?

  2. I may have. But only to detract from my own appaling outcome. 3 buggers in le real world have confirmed my dating flaw as posted. Grr.

  3. Hmm mine said i need to work on my fashion sense. This is eerily accurate. Mrs shaun has recently embarked on a campaign to update my wardrobe. i am certain that the catapulting reference to your gorgeous self is exaggerated Miss Lita.

  4. I don’t think this is accurate….it said I need to work on my manners. Hmmm

  5. I agree with “Vodka”, it’s not accurate, it said like Shaun, I need to work on my fashion sense. However, it was spot on with my compatibility with the man I’ve been married to for over 40 years, it said “I was lucky, as was he, as we’re each others “better half”. Thank goodness for that, I’d hate to think I’d wasted all my youthful good looks on this guy, only to find out 40 odd years later, the survey found I’d made a “mistake”!!. Eh kids?. I’m sure you’ll sleep well knowing Ma and Pa are still madly in love, or should that just be “mad”?!!.

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