Coffin Calendar 2008

Proving that sex can sell anything, the folk at Cofanifunebri have brought out a calendar with a sexy girl posed for each month of the year. 

Oh yes, drape half-dressed, semi-attractive females over some coffins, photoshop a 2008 calendar of each month and you have yourself a winning marketing strategy.  Yes, I said coffins.


Pop this deadly calendar under Grandpa’s tree this year, see how that goes.


4 responses to “Coffin Calendar 2008

  1. please, please PLEASE tell me that is a joke!!

  2. What should be a joke is how every time I look at that pic I think “nice shoes, wonder if I should buy a coffin” – but it’s not. Scarily effective marketing!

  3. looking for calander 2008

  4. looking for coffin calander 2009

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