Who killed Cricket?

No, it’s not a statement about the state of that sport where the guys all wear white and play forever and ever. No. I’m talking about the Cricket.

Lita was guttered to hear the sad news that Nicky Watson’s pet chihuahua of 9 years was found dead on the beach at Matarangi.

Had anyone else noticed the eerie increase in chihuahua sightings over the past week? 

Two days of checking in with Uncle Google have not provided any answers on the cause of death, which seems strange as the media and blogosphere was chocka with this story before the wee canine was found deceased.  I suppose it’s not as easy for them to take the piss out of Nicky now.

While I did chortle at the “Hoarse?” “No, my dog” faux pas, I suspected there was some natty editting going on to ensure Nicky was portrayed in the worst light.  Yes, there was some pretty classless journalism displayed by our national broadcaster, who gleefully cashed in on Nicky’s loss.  Kerre Woodham expressed it best in her Herald column on Sunday.  If Close Up journos have a heart, they should be feeling some remorse at this stage.


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