The Trelise Cooper Blues

2007 has not been a good year for building relationships with the authorities for Trelise Cooper and her whanau.  

There was that silly trademark lawsuit that Trelise brought against fellow designer Tamsin Cooper which was eventually dropped in July.  And yesterday not-so-secret news finally broke that Trelise’s step-daughter, Nadia, has been charged with possession of methamphetamine for supply and possession of utensils. 

Meanwhile, Lita has heard from tweety birdies that Trelise herself was recently busted in America.  She was trying to smuggle her own products into the United States without declaring them to Customs.  When asked why her luggage was stuffed with goods stamped with the Trelise Cooper brand she tried to pass everything off as personal possessions, but Customs Officers didn’t buy it.

Incidentally, who is buying Trelise Cooper’s stuff?


6 responses to “The Trelise Cooper Blues

  1. Wow P sure is fashionable these days!

  2. Her last season had some decent clobber (I got a great leather jacket) – but she’s back to the frou-frou again, which is not my thing at all.

    There has been talk for a long time, which I have tried not to believe, about how many high-profile names use P. I don’t do (illegal) drugs, so don’t know anything about it, but it seems a revolting thing. Loads of poor people use it, which is enough to put me off.

  3. loads of poor people breath air as well.

  4. I think it is a sad day for Trelise Cooper to find her step daughter involved with P which is the scourge of NZ and effects all walks of life.
    I would not be so smug if i were you.
    Regarding the US customs bust -what a load of rubbish -this would be on the international customs web which it is not I can assure you as my husband has access to it.Just another unverified bit of sleeze which does you no credit at all.

  5. What is sad Stacy, is the fact that Trelise Cooper actually hasn’t spoken to or seen her step-daughter for 2-yrs (since May 2006). But you have covered what should be her ‘True Colours Range’ really well… ‘decent clobber’, ‘revolting thing’, ‘smug’ & ‘no credit’.

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