Antony Starr best actor brawler

What does Lita have to do to end up in an “early-hours altercation” with Outrageous Fortune twin hunks Antony and Starr?

Starr, who plays identical twins Jethro and Van in the TV3 series about a dysfunctional west Auckland family, was involved in an early-hours altercation with the young tourist at the city’s Aisha nightclub three weeks ago.

Seriously,  I can hang out West if that’s what it takes.  Does anyone have a backpack I can borrow? 


Antony won best actor last night at the Qantas TV Awards, and is following in the footsteps of another kiwi acting great, Russell Crowe.  All our best actors have bar brawls.  It’s called method acting.  You don’t win awards without a good punch-up.  Someone should tell Oliver Driver.

Check out the official Outrageous Fortune site about the best kiwi-made series ever.  Starr and other cast members will answer the questions you post.  You could ask a question similar to Bob’s thought-provoking entry:

 bob asks Antony: hay cuz were u really rooting aroura or was it fake. and is it mean bein stoned 24/7


3 responses to “Antony Starr best actor brawler

  1. I rather fancy an altercation with Antonia myself… *droolz*

  2. Its almost easier for me to list who I wouldnt do from that show … they are all talented and hot. OF rocks!

  3. Don’t watch the show but Anthony Starr looks a bit of alright. He has the “X” factor…

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