Tramp stamp remover

The answer to all your tattoo problems?


3 responses to “Tramp stamp remover

  1. That is so brilliant really made me laugh and also feel grateful that I never sucumbed to any tatoo’s..xx

  2. I shudder at the thought of waking up after a drunken night with a tramp-stamp; I mean to each her own of course, but the shelf-life on those babies is just so damn short (before it turns into a saggy/wrinkly stamp…)

  3. Emma, I recently saw a girl (who was bent over under a desk in the office) with an arrow on her bottom back bits. Handy directions?

    Aye Romi, I wonder about what those roses on the upper part of the boobage that were all the rage in the early 80s look like now. Not just cos I’m a perve either, I actually wonder if the stem has got longer and if the rose flower is drooping. It would almost be cool if some petals drop. Of course, it wouldn’t be cool for the boob owner, but I would want to see it. Going to check uncle google for info on old rose tatts now.

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