Beading good art

Check out the fabulous detail in The Lone Beader’s (aka Diana Lynn Grygo) work.


Waiting for Dad


The End

You can vote for The End (inspired by The Doors song of the same name) at the Saatchi Gallery Showdown.


4 responses to “Beading good art

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me. You are sweet:) *blush*

  2. You’re welcome LB, great work! I am having trouble voting on the saatchi site though, something about needing it to be 9am GMT time. Grrr. Bit ridiculous as its online and GMT don’t matter.

  3. thats awesome!
    voting opens next month.

  4. Thanks lockedgroove, although, the date when voting ‘opens’ seems to change every time I go to vote. (Either that or I really am having trouble reading Americanised date formats, I am natural blonde don’t you know)

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