Gruesome gossip: Aja Rock & William Murdoch

A little BOTS birdie sent me an email with some dirty not-so secrets about Aja Rock and her ex husband William Murdoch. 

We already know that someone out there is unkind and bored enough to set up a fake ZoomIn address at the White House for Aja.  But does her ex, Murdoch, have enough enemies to create a fake NZPersonals ad using his image?  


Click the pic to enlarge, NSFW

Maybe it’s not fake.  Murdoch spent some time in prison for importing drugs, perhaps that’s where he nurtured his bi-curious side and not during his marriage to Aja.  Uncle Google isn’t playing the game, so there are no other pics of Murdoch to compare.  However, Lita has seen the guy in the flesh, and he looks very much like our VegasCowboy above. 

I have no idea if the Rock-Murdoch union ended acrimoniously, once again Uncle Google is keeping schtoom, but it must irk Aja to see her ex “bad boy” reforming with transgenders and other bi-curios, particularly as she is reported to pay child support to Murdoch because he is on the DPB.

Of course, it could all be fake and designed to hurt the innocent ignorant. 


16 responses to “Gruesome gossip: Aja Rock & William Murdoch

  1. Oooooooh! Intrigue… but I can’t see Murdoch’s advert. Is Lita a member and what exactly does her advert say? Is she bi-curious also? And will she lend Miss Prozac her bi-focals so she can see the darn pictures?

  2. Click on the pic Miss P, it should open to a larger image, and if you click the image again, it should enlarge again. Lita is not a member of this partic site, someone who is sent in the pic. But, its not verified.

  3. Oh dear!!
    That IS her ex. Found a link where there was an old photo of them together….

    What the HELL was she thinking?
    Maybe the transgender thing is one of the reasons she left him, well besides the drugs and jail– hmmm.

    love the scandal!
    Interested to see if he has a more current sex ad.

  4. If I had an NZPersonals account, I’d be in there checking him out. I noticed that the screen pic (sent to me by my little birdie) was taken in july, so maybe the profile is already down. Littlebirdie seems to have sat on the info for a while anyway.

  5. do you guys ever get your info right? murdoch never did any jail time nor was he ever married to aja rock, they were defacto, as for that website there are so many fake listings how would know if it was him or not or more to the point who cares. if this is the best you can come up with for your blog you need to get a life…….

  6. I’ll get a life when you get a blog. My life will be reading your blog and commenting on any inaccuracies – then I will be just like you. Yay!

  7. I would bet all the tea in china that ‘getalifemoron’ is aja rock’s ex himself. OR his ally Bridget Saunders- so scandalous!

    any takers?

  8. Hah! I see you escaped. Murdoch visited our site and asked to be left alone saying he and his son are living the quiet life… That kind of suggests that this profile isn’t legit?

  9. I used to write for a local gossip magazine. Everytime we used to write something nice about Ms. Rock we would get harsh threats from her ex. I am still in contact with the magazine(s) and this is still carrying on. It wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that he is still very bitter over their split and only wants to be left alone when people expose him. But hey good on him for wanting to ‘live the quiet life’ after getting caught importing drugs. But hey so would I if the government (and my ex-girlfriend) were paying my way.

  10. Interesting Fiona. We have been receiving threats at NZ Reality TV too!

  11. there is currently a court order in place that prevents my son from being named in any pr or publicity, as long as this order is in place i will take what ever legal action need be to see that my son privacy is respected.
    to clear up a number of points that most mis-informed hacks missed ,firstly the drugs that I plead guilty to having imported were sent to Ms Rock by her best friend on her birthday.( the sunday-star times reported this correctly months ago)
    If you were aware of some of the incidents that have occurred while our son has been in his mother care then maybe you might have a better idea as to why I have very little respect for his mother, these matters due to the family court rules are not made public.
    To Fiona…. any hag mag that pays for stories that allows the subject editorial right can hardly consider itself to be nothing more than a fable of fantasy and wiskful thinking, as Fiona knows when I contacted her magazine it was to voice concerns over my son being named in thier mag, a judge later agreed with me and the order preventing our son being used for publicity was granted, personally celebs who parade thier children in front of the media needs thier heads checked, Fiona will know that stories with kids involved pay more.
    I Do hope this has cleared up some of your questions.
    I wish you all a very Merry xmas and a Happy New year.

  12. not surprised you have been recieving threats too (as have the SST) as you can see above, he obviously has nothing better to do with his time. Give a broken man, with no confidence, a computer linking him to the world.. so he can hide behind it.

  13. Waves abusive email at Fiona

    Oh yes, take one angry man, add some bitters and twist. Hey that was clever LOL I should post that at my own blog ROFL

    I would love to see this court order (whispers figment of Murdoch’s imagination). However, if it’s real he may like to read this week’s Woman’s Day. I’m pretty sure the kiddiwinks got a mention in the write up of the Aja/Botox Bridget battle

    Personally, I’m not interested in writing about the kids, unless they’re Sally Ridge’s kids doing model gigs, which is a whole other ball of wax. If you put your kids in the public eye, you invite comment. But for the rest I’d rather leave the kids out of it…

  14. I love watching the mis-informed take one foot out of thier mouths only to replace it with the other. I have a couple of good friends at the SST, the only print interview I have ever done was with SST. To suggest I have made threats against them is untrue, would you like the editors private number?. This blog site should be re-named to (wrong- bits on the side). As to being broken for a time I was a little damaged but am now well on the mend, as for getting a life I have a very nice one, one that revolves around my son. I can only presume that Fiona,s ex hag mag employer had to let her go on account that her sources were un-reliable. I have never hidden from anything in my life girl so to suggest that I hide behind a computor is just another example of you not knowing your arse from your head.
    Merry Xmas.

  15. good on ya murdoch—–sell a car mole

  16. View fromaFar

    funk it up murdoch. shame to hear about your son and pending ex wifes marriage. how’s brigitte

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