At least the girls made the final

That is it!  That Graham Henry guy sure has a hella lot to answer for.  After last night’s Netball World Champs result, Lita definitely wants to see his ass fired.  Can anyone remember when we used to win stuff?


Casey Williams was voted hottest on the court at Lita’s netball party

Wonder if domestic violence increases when the Silver Ferns lose a big game.  Or do chocolate sales go through the roof.

Go to the Silverfans website and leave the team a message of condolence or find out where to buy the Silver Ferns 2008 Calendar, proceeds go to support CanTeen.


4 responses to “At least the girls made the final

  1. What the hell are those chicks doing?….

    Is that a lesbain mating ritual?….I’ve never seen that move in the movies I’ve watched…

  2. Lesbian mating ritual? Now that would be a game of 3 quarters.

  3. And there has been no talk of grief counselling for the ferns either. They are an awesome team and we should be proud of them. Not sure about whether Casey is hottest at the moment. Jolene Henry has beautiful eyes and Leanna de Bruin is a bit of babe. But one thing is certain Casey is a great player who wasnt moping in the aftermath. She just said “watch out Aussie I’ll be back in 2011” ( wonder if she used her Arnie the terminator voice).

  4. That game was a huge disappointment. The kiwis didn’t fire, the aussies cheated and took advantage of crappy umpiring. The aussies were better on the day but it still annoys me that they cheat at every opportunity.

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