Heed the Gong of Summer

A-landers rejoice!  Tis the start of Summer.  The annual Grey Lynn Festival sounds it all off with a metaphorical gong. 

The old Grey Lynn swamp once known as Tukitukimuka will be transformed with the sound of music and celebration by the Grey Lynn Park Festival on Saturday November 17th. This tradition has continued for 23 years and has built up to be a major event on the Auckland Festival calendar. It is a combination of hundreds of handicraft and food stalls, four stages of varied entertainment plus the hope of a fine day which makes for a great fair.

The past few years have been a weather washout, but this year promises to be scorchio with a little cloud – bring your sunscreen. 

Make sure you check out the awesome AK Samba band on the main stage at 3pm.  Take your camera, then enter the official photo comp to see your pics online (it should be easy to beat the promo pic below).


And keep an eye out for Lita et al dancing hard in bikinis on the hot pink blankie.


3 responses to “Heed the Gong of Summer

  1. I’ll probably be there… if I haven’t been arrested in the Kill the Bill protest in the morning :oD

  2. I wasnt planning to attend but how can any male resist the prospect of Lita in her bikini shaking it on a hot pink blankie.

  3. I attempted a chat with a few old hippies who had most definitely been to the protest, but they didn’t want to gab with lil ole me. Hope you evaded arrest this time Blair.

    I was shaking it Shaun, all over the bouncy castle. Were you there?

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