Hong Kong fashion faux pas

The fashion scene in Hong Kong is reverting to a timeless Western classic, The Builder’s Bum.   These things give hipsters a good name.


This look is the latest trend displayed by the chic young thangs of Hong Kong, bucking the current Western trend for high waisted pants. 


Be honest.  Which do you prefer?


4 responses to “Hong Kong fashion faux pas

  1. after a great deal of thought (at least .5 secs) I vote for the lowrider pants. Roll on summer.

  2. As I get up from falling over with shock, I admit I concur that if those are the only 2 choices, low still outshines high. But, reality is that if these were the only 2 trou choices out there, I’m wearing skirts.

  3. I see nothing wrong with that first picture….

  4. And here Steve, I was thinking you would be blind by now from all that, ahem. never mind.

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