Family Fortune Fools

Remember that easy peasy game show Family Fortunes (aka Family Feud) where the contestants name things to win.

The Sun recently listed the silly answers folk have given over the years, some of the choicest are below. 

Name a famous bridge

Bridge over troubled water

Name something slippery

A conman

Name something that floats in the bath


Name something red

A cardigan

Name a number you have to memorise


Name something you do in the bathroom


Name something you open other than a door

Your bowels


2 responses to “Family Fortune Fools

  1. My favorite is the floats in the bath one. I have this calendar of stupid things people have said, and it was a family feud question: Name an animal whose eggs you eat. The lady said: Hampster. Who the hell eats hampster eggs??

  2. ‘Name something you open more than doors – your bowels’ was hopefully said by someone who lives in an open plan space.

    Mmmn, yum, hamster eggs with bunny bacon.

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