Some like it cold

Ew! A bit from this week’s PopBitch tales of gross totally does it’s job.

We heard an amazing story from an aging playboy this week. Some years ago, this upper-crust chap was chatting up a buff black man in a bar and the conversation turned to their occupations The American said he was an undertaker. And that it was to his funeral home that Marilyn Monroe was brought on her death. And he went on to confess that all the local undertakers then took turns to have sex with her corpse. (FYI: The undertaker claimed the practice was rife in funeral parlours. (Well, why else would you take the job?)

Some of the classy folk at the online forum AltNation have set up the ubiquitous poll: Would you pump a recently deceased world-wide sex symbol?


2 responses to “Some like it cold

  1. Gaah! I have read that before, but it was in fictional crime stories. I hoped they were making it up… Send shivers down my spine, and not in a good way

  2. Yip, I’ve heard it about non famous folk, so it seems even more likely for famous folk. I actually read something similarily unsavoury about Anna Nicole a wee while back. Makes my “I’m an undertaker” joke when I get intro’d to people seem distasteful now. Only now, you understand.

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