Aja Rock Shocks

The only shocking thing about Aja Rock being chief instigator of a nudie pool party at the Hilton Resort Fiji is that it actually makes the news

If Lita was at a pool party and Aja Rock was there but not kicking off the naked breaststroke competition, it would be a money-back situation.  

“Aja was staying at the Hilton with a bunch of friends from Auckland who had come over to get married on the beach in front of the resort. After the wedding Aja and the other guests came up to the pool to party by the pool.”

Ahh, it turns out Aja was cheap wedding reception entertainment – Fiji’s top Mariachi band ‘Suva Rocks’ must have been booked out, or there was a mixup or something.  Just like that time someone confused Aja’s address with a brothel.


Aja almost has clothes on and almost kept her legs closed in this pic.

Click here for some shocking clothed pics of Aja.


4 responses to “Aja Rock Shocks

  1. what is more shocking was later in the night she was admitted to hospital suffering convulsions and that her young son was with her in fiji

  2. I always wonder about people like Aja. How do they feel as various bits of them begin to droop. What happens if they haven’t “made it” by then?

  3. I haven’t read that Linda, I’m gonna go ask Uncle Google now though. Jeesh, hope she hasn’t got what Lana got. Blimmin Fiji.

    Thrash, I’m not so sure much above the waist will droop with Aja, no matter how old she gets. I feel for models/actresses who make it young and must spend the rest of their ageing days trying to get back there. The rest of us gals seem to improve with age and gain in confidence, but the beautiful folk have to deal with a downhill slide cos their career is based on their youth and outward beauty. Aye, I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am I told Ford Models to “stick it” when I was a young un. 😉

  4. Oh my, this is too funny!!
    Aja– HELLO, of course people want to see her in a pool… I’ve seen the photos, they are very flattering. And she is a MODEL. In this photo she has many more clothes on than most models I see in GQ.


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