Vicious Delicious

Why haven’t I heard of this little A-land treasure before? 

Delicious Restaurant in Grey Lynn seems to have a bit of a reputation.  A Fawlty Towers type of reputation.

Click here to read some painful, perturbed and outraged DineOut reviews on disastrous dinners at Delicious, where the food seems to be fantastic, but only if you manage to avoid being verbally abused or physically removed by the staff.

It all sounds deliciously temperamental and argue-worthy.  After reading this, does anyone else feel compelled to get tipsy, drag a child and seven other friends to make up a large table at vicious Delicious next weekend?  Dessert and coffees only, obv.


4 responses to “Vicious Delicious

  1. i have heard some similar stories but in the big picture they are heavily outweighed by positive feedback. they have a very solid reputation for quality italian cuisine.
    i have never known there to be male floor staff, only male kitchen staff. as some of the positive counter arguments say “who is this mysterious vicious male waiter”. if there ever was one he isnt there any more…
    i have heard some first hand stories from the owner/chef – he admits quite openly to having little patience for troublesome diners and has been involved in agressive situations with diners for than once. but seeings as the negitive reviews dont mention a heavy handed chef i probebly shouldnt get into that.
    i think the truth is somewhere in between..
    its high time i dine there myself and must aim to do so asap – hopefull some theatrics will unfold, a little drama for entertainment would be quite exciting me thinks.. just dont dare ask that the field mushrooms be left out of the tagliatelle or he will go all chef ramsey on you.

  2. Lil_miz_cheeky

    That is too good not to read. I must check it out and see what it’s like…

  3. Huh! Actually I like them. Gorgeous food but very expensive

  4. A few weeks ago we dined at this restaurant and the food was pretty good. They must have improved since then.

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