Yeah Toast!

I can’t type, ’tis too funny.


5 responses to “Yeah Toast!

  1. I’m seeing a marketing opportunity for a talking toaster here!!
    Whatcould be more a wonderful way to start the day ?

  2. my toaster beeps and has blue lights, thats ok – if only it yelled “YEAH TOAST” then it would be the best toaster ever

  3. Toast. Its whats for breakfast…lunch…afternoon snack…supper…dinner…4th meal…

  4. lita's mother

    All good and well, as long as the man in your life doesn’t use up all the bread. Otherwise, “you’ve had your toast”!! Excuse the usual pun!.

  5. This video rocks my wee world, just thinking about it makes me laugh uncontrollably.

    Mother – don’t air Papa’s nasty bread theiving habits online.

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