Video Dating for Dogs

You just gotta keep checking in on the folk who brought us Internet People, every week a new original episode is posted and every week it’s funny, really funny. 

Channel Frederator presents The Meth Minute 39 – this week:  Dog Video Dating 

Dog Video Dating is episode 4 of The Meth Minute 39 original cartoon series. It hilariously illustrates how difficult it is to find love…even in the canine world. Video Dating is where dogs in heat go to meet and greet. 

Some choice video snippets … 

Gabby – a hot, husky-voiced Collie: “I like being in the back seat of a car, panting.”

Rags – a neurotic Terrier: “I don’t have any testicles. But, but, I can still have sex.  And the best part is there’s no way you can get pregnant with 12 kids.” 


3 responses to “Video Dating for Dogs

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  2. “I’m just… curious… Curiosity never killed anyone… did it?”


  3. Thanks for the shout out Lita; everyone at Frederator appreciates it.

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