Solution for the soggy cornflake dilemma

Are you sick and tired of soggy cereal for breakfast?  It’s thought that 70% of folk hate soggy brekkie cereal. 

The eatmecrunchy bowl may be the answer to your sloppy mornings. 


The bowl has a unique interior shelf that holds the majority of your cereal above the milk until you transfer it to the mixing chamber for eating.  It’s a simple design that helps make your day start a little crunchier. 


5 responses to “Solution for the soggy cornflake dilemma

  1. this is pure genius. i’m actually considering buying one of these..

  2. Horrible idea!…And what kind of nasty cereal is that!?

  3. How almost optimistic of you TP!

    I agree KS, I think the red bits look a bit like tomato. And who wants tomato in their cereal, seriously?

  4. its not about the cereal. its the bowl dammit!

  5. I think the cereal is Special K Red…
    TP’s right it’s not about the cereal – it’s about what the bowl does to the cereal! I’m getting one!

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