The Adventures of Scum and Pam

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock’s short-lived marriage is labelled by Pam in her online diary as ‘The Adventures of Scum and Pam’.  Kid Rock recently spilled all on The Howard Stern Show, stating that Pam’s appearance in the Borat movie was not the reason for their split.

When asked why, knowing all he did about Pam, he got back together and married her anyway, Kid told Howard, “I knew the stove was hot, and I wanted to put my hand on it.”

Click here to read a recent interview with Kid Rock.

Meanwhile, Pammy is refusing to defend herself over Kid’s comments, although her diary refutes pregnancy rumours, denies ever leaving her kids alone with Kid and raves about her happiness with new love Rick Solomon (the classy guy who filmed his bed boogie with Paris Hilton then sold the tape).


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